If You plan to visit Stockholm as part of a smaller group, i.e. eight or less, or if You wish to have a quick professionally guided tour, a sightseeing by taxi might be a good solution. Stockholm Visitors Board  and Stockholm Guiding has issued a number of official Taxi guide licenses to offer the visitors to Stockholm more flexible services.

With a taxi guide, You are free to design Your own guided taxi tour encompassing the places and objects You wish to visit and learn more about. You can also opt for the pre-designed Small one-hour city tour, which will take You to the most spectacular parts of Stockholm, or the Large two-hour city tour which includes an extended Small city tour plus a visit to a museum of Your choice (entrance fees and parking fees are not included).

Normally, the places You would like to see include The Old Town, The Royal Palace, the renowned City Hall, perhaps The Vasa Museum and a spectacular vantage point over-viewing Stockholm. If You wish to visit other places, just ask the taxi guide to take You there. All the licensed taxi guides speak at least two languages and will try to answer all questions wherever You go.

The vehicles are high-standard taxi cars accommodating between four and eight passengers. Most of them are designed for transportation of handicapped people. Hence, a normal wheel chair or a walking frame is no problem. The smaller size of a taxi vs , e.g., a tourist bus allows it to slip deeper into the small, quaint alleys in The Old Town.

All major taxi companies accept all offline cards or cash. Electron cards, usch as Visa Electron or Maestro cannot normally be used in the car. N.B. Although many taxis accept cash in foreign currencies, e.g. €, £ or $, the taxi meter always displays the fare in Swedish currency (Kronor or SEK). Due to the exchange rates applied in the cars, paying the ride with a card is recommended. 

  To and from the airports fares  are not metered and the fare should be posted on the windows of the taxi. One needs to  ask the price before getting in the taxi. There are reports of taxi drivers charging tourists three to five times the normal rates.  

As of Spring 2010, licensed taxi guides are available through the major three taxi companies of Stockholm:

  • Taxi 020 (25 taxi guides) +46(0)8 24 25 55
  • Taxi Stockholm (1 taxi guide) +46(0)8 150 000

Additional useful information about Taxi customs in Stockholm in general and about Stockholm Taxi guides in particular can be found at http://taxiguide.nu.