Visitors planning a trip to this very expensive city should know it is worthwhile to buy the Stockholm Card.  Many sites are included, and these are extremely pricey if you pay as you go.  Also transportation like subway and local trains are included.  Beware that the water taxis are not included at lest not during summer! Enjoy Stockholm, but it is not for a low budget.  There are some good books out there to get info but check Tripadvisor about hotels and sites.  Many wrote reviews. Make a list what you want to see, because it is a big city. Beware of Taxi prices there are like the Boston prices.  Use subway and other mass transportation, especially the Express train from the Airport.  This train is less expensive on the weekend, two for the price of one!  Also very important buy your Stockholm card at the Airport!!!!!       

Visitors planning to head to Stockholm would greatly benefit from picking up a travel book (or two) before the trip.  Travel books not only provide useful information about what to see and do during a trip but also help to generate excitement about the adventure to come.  Some recommended Stockholm travel guides include:

  • “Hedonist’s Guide to Stockholm” by Scarlett Stapleton.  The best travel guide for insight in to how to thoroughly enjoy a Stockholm stay. .
  • “Lonely Planet Stockholm” by Becky Ohlsen.  This book provides information on everything from the stores located in small alleyways to the bustling Stockholm nightlife. .
  • “Stockholm Eyewitness Travel Guides” by Anna Streiffert.  A helpful travel guide supplemented with pictures, this is guaranteed to get visitors excited about their upcoming trip as well as to be helpful along the way.
  • “Time Out Stockholm” by Ismay Atkins.  Individuals interested in learning about what to see in the various neighborhoods in Stockholm should choose this as their travel guide. .

Visitors heading to Stockholm would also benefit from picking up language books and dictionaries.  Although English is widely spoken in Stockholm, it never hurts to have all of the possible communication tools in case a situation comes up where they are needed.  Suggested language reading for Stockholm visitors includes: