Stockholm’s weather can run a bit cold in the winter, although it is enjoyed by tourists who favor winter sports and activities.  The main tourist season, however, is summer.  Beginning in about the idle of May, visitors from parts of the world that are starting to get warm begin to flock to Stockholm.  Tourist season remains high until approximately the middle of September, with travelers taking full advantage of the long summer days in Stockholm.  Rates may go up on accommodations at this time, but attractions are also open longer hours, balancing the equation for summer tourists.

It should be noted that Stockholm is very far north geographically and this means that there is nearly twenty four hours of sunlight every day between throughout the month of June, with long sunlight hours extending a few months in either direction from this time.  Many travelers love this quality and make the most of their Stockholm stays during this time.  However, some travelers are unsettled by the lack of darkness at night and will want to plan their visits for other times throughout the year.

Stockholm is not a particularly rainy place, especially compared with northern Sweden.  Visitors from dry climates should expect to encounter some rain throughout the year and should pack accordingly.  Updated information on Stockholm’s weather is available at