Excursions in Stockholm

A really beautiful city to go to (about 40 min by car) is Vaxholm. It is a beautiful small city by the sea with an old fortress to visit. Another small, beautiful town with old, small wooden buildings is Sigtuna (also about 45 min by car). Around christmas they have a nice market. Another really nice christmas market is to go by car to Taxinge slott ( www.taxingeslott.se). It is a must, especially for people with a sweet tooth since they have an enormus buffet of cookies and cakes. Another castle to visit is Steninge slott (www.steningeslott.se).  They have a cafe, but also a shop and you can watch glass blowers in the glass workshop. It is also a beautiful garden for a picnic.

Another really nice place to visit is Smådalarö and Dalarö. It takes approx. 50 min by car. These two are very near to eachother. Both are really nice, small villages in the archipelago, but still located on the mainland.

If Smådalarö and Dalarö aren´t enough, take the boat from Dalarö out to the fascinating island Huvudskär. The trip takes a whole day, but it is worth every hour and every dime! You can´t go much further out in the archipelago, next stop is the Baltic states. Bring your own food and drinks, something to sit on and something to keep you warm. On Huvudskär you are totally left to the natural elements, although there is a small hut where you can take shelter if the weather drastically changes.

If it's a really nice day in the Summer, visit  Björkvik and sunbathe on the rocks or at the sand beach with a nice view of the archipelago. You can go there by bus.

What you really should do during the summer is to take one of the boats out in the archipelago and go to Utö, Nämndö, Sandhamn or any of the other islands. That is the best thing you can do on a sunny day in Stockholm. There are many, many beautiful islands in the archipelago and most of them easy to reach by boat. For time tables look at http://www.waxholmsbolaget.se where you can find other relevant information, description of the islands, where you can stay, and so on. 

In the winter, a really nice thing to do, if the ice situation allows, is to go iceskating on any of the lakes in the Stockholm area. Beware though to check that the ice is thick enough!!! A good site to check where you can find ice thick enough is http://www.isplanket.se - only problem is that it is only in Swedish. But if you use Google, you can use their translation service.

The best way to travel all over Stockholm is to use public transport, look at http://sl.se. You can buy 1 week or monthly travel card. Day ticket is expensive. Try to avoid Taxi service as it is very expensive. Bus service is fantastic, you can go  anywhere in Stockholm. Stockholm has stunning scenic beauty, you can go Liljholmen, Slussen, Farsta, Nacka and other places of Stockholm and enjoy swimming and scenic beauty.