Public transportation

Trams in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has a modern and efficient public transportation network which includes trams, buses, commuter trains and ferries.  

The city has over 200 trams, covering 11 different routes, all of which connect to other forms of transport.


Note! Public transportation is included in the Gothenburg City Card

All tickets and cards are sold at Västtrafik Customer Service at Brunnsparken, Drottningtorget and Nils Ericson bus terminal and at Pressbyrån, 7-eleven and other partners (carrying the blue Västtrafik-flag). Single tickets can also be purchased aboard the trams in a ticket vending machine (accepts coins and credit cards), on commuter trains and ferries from the conductor but not at all on buses. The driver doesn't sell any tickets at all!

A single ticket for one zone is valid for free travel in 90 minutes from purchase and a single ticket for two or more zones is valid for 180 minutes (the time is printed on the ticket). Gothenburg municipality is one zone but note that Mölndal and Partille are different zones. The single ticket is expensive.¨

There are short term travel cards available. This card enables you to travel wherever you want within specified areas, and as much as you want, within one or three 24-hour periods. 

In addition to single tickets and short term cards, there is a pay-as-you-go card called "kontoladdning". A deposit of 50 SEK are paid for the plastic card (refunded if returned to a Västtrafik Customer Service) and the card is then topped up with even 100 SEK-amounts. When traveling with the card in only one zone, touch in at the card reader near the doors on every tram, bus, train or ferry. When traveling in several zones, push the +-button on the card reader before you touch in, and touch out (without pressing any buttons) when you leave the vehicle. If you forget to touch out your card when getting off you will be charged to the terminus of that line.

More information

Information on tickets, time tables, network maps, and regulations is available on Västtrafik, the official website of western Sweden's transportation system.

Information on travel passes for tourists is also available on the Gothenburg Tourist Board's transportation page.