Pispala is a dramatic neighborhood, bordering Pyynikki Park, about 5km to the west of downtown Tampere. Its many colourful and small Finnish-style homes from the 19 century line the slopes of Pispala Hill and look out onto two lakes, Nasijarvi and the Pyhajarvi. A hike through the neighborhood is sure to offer spectacular views. The neighborhood is also justly famous for its lengthy staircase. Beware, however:  in the 1960s, members of Finland's national hockey team used the staircase for their training, and a walk all the way to the top requires stamina. Once you're at the top, however, there's a terrific lookout from a small park commemorating the events of the civil war in Tampere in 1918. If you go back down the staircase, you will eventually come to Tahmelan Beach, which in the summer is perfect for a post-hike dip in the Pyhajarvi.