This is a question that comes up frequently .  At first you could think that it doesn’t really matter as Malta is so small.  Few bus rides take longer than 30 minutes. However, each resort does have distinct differences and the regular bus schedule doesn’t run very late. From Valletta to Sliema/St Julians  till 11 pm and Bugibba till 22.30

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Where to stay? It all depends on your tastes and what are you expecting to find in Malta. In any case, Malta is so small that you can travel from north to southern tip in an hour. 

A great way to stay where you want and have plently of room and flexibility is to rent an apartment. In this way, everyone will be able to have a bit more space, (which is great with teenage kids).

St Julians and Sliema are good places to stay. There are great bus services to get you around the whole island, and there are bars, restaurants, clubs and nightlife all within easy walking distance.

The swimming is great near the pitch ( Sliema beach club)

Try staying in an apartment: it can work out cheaper than hotels, especially with a larger party, and it will give you an opportunity to cook the excellent local produce.


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Gozo is great if you are looking for a little peace and quiet:



Contrary to most other European capitals, Valletta is vibrant during the day but quiet at night.  There is now an effort to bring back the night life and a number of good small restaurants have opened.  There are also some bars and pubs, cinemas and theatres.

A walk round the two harbours is lovely and you can stop at the bars for a rest and enjoy the wonderful views.  During the day it is very convenient to be near the various sites Valletta offers, and also to be close to the main bus terminus for travel back to where you're staying.  There aren’t many hotels in Valletta itself, but there are two good 5* just outside – the brand new Excelsior and the classic Phoenicia .



St. Paul's Bay, Bugibba and Qawra 

Strictly speaking Bugibba and Qawra are part of St Paul's Bay, but actually they are three very different resorts. All are relatively cheaper and less noisy than Sliema and the St. Julian's Area. 

St. Paul’s Bay  -  Originally a fishing village, it became popular when people had their summer residences there.  Nowadays, there are lots of restaurants .

Bugibba  -  A very popular tourist resort, with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels, and all the amenities holidaymakers are likely to require.  It generally has a lively and atmosphere. Bugibba has an extensive beautiful seafront promenade which overlook the little St. Paul's islands. One very handy facility is the central bus station which has connecting services to almost the whole island

Qawra  -  Adjoins Bugibba and the two places tend to merge into one .  Does have quite extensive amenities but usually a bit quieter than Bugibba.

This article will give the details: Accommodation guide



An fairly up-market residential town, but still has lots of amenities for tourists.  Long sea front promenade.  The restaurants , bars and cafes are patronized by locals as well as tourists.  Lots of cafes for people-watching. Good shopping centre.

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Nightlife;   Paceville - a small part of St  Julian's and in the vicinity of Sliema

St. Julian's 

Once just a fishing village but now there are lots of restaurants and bars all round the bay, particularly Spinola Bay. Portomaso is a small private yacht marina encompassed by the Hilton Hotel and luxury apartments.  The marina has a number of popular, up market restaurants and offers a beautiful setting for diners.  There is a small sandy beach with a diving centre at St Georges bay.  Watersports and diving are also available from the Portomaso marina.  Paceville is an area of a few streets which is the entertainment and clubbing centre of Malta .  You don’t have to pass through Paceville to reach the area's 5* hotels which are not at all noisy.



The best sandy beach in Malta .  Situated on the west coast, Mellieha is some way distant from the more central holiday areas (but in tiny Malta that's still not too far!) but there is good public transport.  There are bars and restaurants  along the bay.  You will find hotels down by the sea . Mellieha village is up a steep hill away from the beach, and here you will find more hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants, many with lovely views.