Car rental is useful but not essential for travel in Malta. Taxis (although not cheap - agree to a price before you travel) and buses (which are very cheap) are practical alternatives. Parking in built-up areas is restricted and infringements are punished.

However, please pay attention to the taxi you choose. Taxi outside hotels are normally far more expensive and are rarely equipped for groups of five people. Private cab companies tend to be the best option; they are fast, reliable and certainly the cheapest.

Rental cars should have timed parking discs which are also available from bus-stations and local councils in Malta and Gozo. There are numerous agencies for rental of cars - obviously, you should compare agencies to check out the cost. Many of the international companies are represented in Malta but there are also many local offices who offer very good rates and conditions. See below or check the  Malta forum by putting 'car hire' or 'car rental' in the search box on top. There are frequent discussions on the subject.

Speed limits in Malta are between 40-45 kph and 60 kph outside built up areas.  On by-passes there is a speed limit of between 60 kph and 75 kph with speed cameras - so beware.   Observance of  driving rules is idiosyncratic.  Drivers are gradually becoming more disciplined since the introduction of  Traffic Wardens.  There are no motorways but there are by-passes of busy towns.

Parking sometimes is a problem.  There is a multi storey car park in Sliema, and a park and ride scheme in Valletta (though it is more practical to go to Valletta by bus).  In St Julians there is parking in the Meridien hotel and Portomaso near Hilton.

Driving in Gozo is much easier, being well signposted, having  much less traffic and a higher standard of driving skills.

Frequent and very efficient ferries run between Malta and Gozo, booking is not necessary. Petrol is freely available and cheaper than the UK. There are, of course, advantages in hiring a car. It gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want and you can discover the countryside and gems tucked away off the main roads.  Hidden places are fun to discover, there are good restaurants in the heart of the villages and you'll find bars and cafes where you can have a coffee or beer and chat with the locals.  You will be able to get to the traditional villages and  remote areas with splendid views.  Many of the villages are largely unaffected by the tourist trade and concrete.  The village core is usually unspoilt.  Villages like Qrendi, Dingli, Gudja, Kalkara, Bidnija, Wardija, Mgarr are well worth visiting and are located in scenic areas. Maybe  possible but very time consuming by bus.  Also the cars have a/c whilst the buses don`t.

There are many local car hire firms which are all pretty reliable. Most of them will take the car to the airport and meet you there. There are also companies that have offices at the Airport .Avis, Hertz and Europcar.

You can also pre-book your car rental online using one of the following companies, which other visitors have used.  

To see other transport services from the airport, click here.

If you need airport transfers you could book before you arrive, but Taxis and  shared transfer coaches are available on arrival .

Book online using one of the following, which other visitors have used     (You can download the taxi app for free and use it while in Malta)

At the Airport and at the Cruise Terminal there are stands from where you can book a taxi - it's a fixed rate and you`ll be given a voucher, which avoids worrying about whether or not the driver is overcharging.

Note that there also are frequent bus services from areas popular with tourists (such as Sliema/St Julians and Qawra/Bugibba) to many of the popular sites and sandy beaches and you can cover much of the island by bus; they're an inexpensive alternative to driving, but just make sure you're aware of when the last bus will be returning to your point of origin.        will give you the regular bus schedules  and routes      will give you more details

Enjoy your stay!