If you plan  to drive a car around Limassol when you visit  you could be in for frustration and a loss of patience.
Limassol streets – particularly those right near the tourist area and old town  can get very busy at certain times of day  and getting around can be difficult.   Many locals recommend taking advantage of the bus service, which can get you from point A to point B with a minimum of fuss. The buses run between all the major resorts, so you need not wait long for a bus or ride long to get back to your hotel.  The number 30 bus runs all the way along the coast road  and is not expensive. 

If a cab is more your style, you can take advantage of the taxi system here, which is also known as a service taxi in Limassol. These are shared taxis and they only run until about 6 at night. So if this is your choice, be sure to head back to your resort early if using a service taxi.  Service (Shared Taxis) are only for inbetween towns such as  Limassol - Paphos,  Limassol-Larnaca,  Limassol-Nicosia, and  Limassol-Troodos.  The great advantage of these taxis is when travelling singly as they pick you up from your accommodation and take you right to the point you need to get to.  It does mean that sometimes it can take time to pick up and drop off all passengers, so going to Nicosia could take over 2 hours, but it may be worth the cost to avoid problems trying to park a car.

 There are many normal taxis that you can flag down along the coast road and there are taxi ranks in many of the hotels and in the old town which are ideal for shorter journeys.

There are many places where you can hire a car to get you around the whole island.  The highway is very good and well sign posted.

If what you plan to explore is within a mile or so of your accommodation and you don’t mind a walk, use your feet for transportation. You may get from point A to point B faster than you would in a vehicle anyway, given the traffic snares in Limassol.  There is a very nice beach path which runs for a good part of the coast road with just a gap between the tourist area and the outskirts of the old town.

There are many mini-buses that you can hire and get you around the island just outside the port terminal.Recommended for cruisers.