For a memorable day trip, take a train ride from the Westbanhof Station to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp--which was one of the first concentration camps that the Nazis established for "enemies" of the Reich. This camp, established by Himmler, housed, among others, Simon Weisenthal and the wife of NY Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who was married to a Jewish Hungarian. The camp, set amidst bucolic hills that recall the rollling landscape of western Pennsylvania, does not conjure up as "horrible" an image as does the Holocaust Museum in DC...There are no boxcars of shoes or hair or glasses...just barracks that look like summer camp barracks. You can walk into a gas chamber, a crematorium room, and a chamber where prisoners were beaten to death, and you can walk some of the infamous rock "stairway of death" that took prisoners to the top of a cliff from which many were pushed off into the granite quarry below. What is most memorable about the camp, though, are the numerous memorials, statues, plaques, and photos from different countries whose citizens were murdered in Mauthausen. Also memorable is a shattered cross in front of one of the barracks and a plaque commemorating a visit by Pope Paul. The ride from Vienna to the camp takes about an hour and a half, and it may cost about $60  per person. Once you get to the Mauthausen train station, you need to take a cab ride to the camp itself. (Check directions by googling "Mauthausen" and then check your map of the Vienna area. (This "site"--nothing the Austrians are especially proud of--is not much-publicized in Vienna tourist guides, so you really have to go out of your way to find it, but it is worth the effort.)

Article on Mauthausen Concentration Camp with Movie