GRAPE GRAZING TOUR VIENNA The best day trip out of the city of Vienna is the Grape Grazing Tour. You take a train out of Vienna and arrive in a wine region called the Wachau Valley. It is a beautiful region on the Danube River. You spend the day riding through the vineyards tasting local wines, chocolates and schnapps. It is an experience of a life time and the guides are fantastic at entertaining and giving information. You can book the tour on the Vienna Explorer website. Great day out!! SCHONBRUNN PALACE

A nice idea for a day trip is a visit to the Palace of Schonbrunn; you can easily  go by metro (tickets costs 1.50 euro). There you visit the palace (included in the price of the ticket is an audio-guide). You can choose between 3 kinds of tours; the bigger the tour, the more expensive. The Imperial Tour shows 22 rooms which are marvellous or the Grand Tour shows 40 rooms. Then you can go out, drink your coffee in one of the cafes and spend the rest of the day in this huge park. If you have children visit the Zoo, there is also a tropical plants "house", beautiful fountains and spectacular views.  The palace website is at: 

Here are some additional ideas for day trips

1. Melk Abbey
2. Seegrotte Hinterbrühl
3. Burg Liechtenstein

Details on all three of these locations including what you will see, how to get there and costs can be found here. For detailed articles on day-trip destinations, see this list with day-trip suggestions for Vienna's surroundings.