Out of a population of 4.5 Million people Norway has an approximate 2 Million Cabins. Many of these are available to rent to tourists. These cabins are the key to a reasonably priced holiday in Norway. Norwegian cabins are usually charged by the cabin not on a per person self catering basis.

Norwegians use these cabins at the weekends and for getting away from the stresses of every day life. On a Friday afternoon offices close early to enable people to get away from it all and escape to the mountains or by the sea.

Standards vary from the extremely simple to the very luxurious but what they all offer is the opportunity to experience the traditional Norwegian cottage coziness that just can not compare with staying in a room in the city. Norway offers cabin accommodation to fit any budget. Everything from luxury Cabins with pools and hot tubs to small, basic cabins with no power or running water.

If they are by a lake or the sea there will often be a boat available to allow you to explore the shores or fish for your supper.

Then there is the quality of the air. The smell of the forest, wildlife in abundance magnificent nature and picturesque towns. Norway offers an abundance of outdoor activities for those looking for a more active holiday.

You will find cabins for rent along the coast and fjords, in the woods, valleys and mountains just look for the cabin road signs dotted along most major roads.

Some are available for very short periods, others for a minimum of one week. As already suggested, there are a number of different types of cabins available. Many camp sites have cabins available to rent. Again these can vary from fully equipped holiday homes with kitchens, shower, and toilet; to more basic camping cabins providing more basic facilities but having other amenities within a few yards or so.

And finally, for the true country get away from it all experience, there are the true Norwegian hytte. Many are isolated and only reachable by foot, these cabins offer little in the way of creature comforts, but this is made up for by some stunning locations and an unforgettable vacation experience. Certainly not for the armchair lover!

UK Companies such as

Norway Direct and Norwegian companies such as Sorlandetbooking & campining.no are happy to provide holidaymakers from the UK and around the world with some great ideas for your next summer or winter break.