Visitors traveling to Oslo do not have to be overly concerned with their safety.  Of course, precautions should always be taken when traveling in a foreign country, but in general, crime against tourists is rare in this area and crime rates are generally low. Violent crimes are extremely rare.  Public transportation is regularly used by tourists and is considered to be safe.  Common sense behavior such as keeping an eye on belongings in crowded places should prevent any problems from occurring.

Part of the reason that Oslo might be so safe is that there are so many daylight hours in the area.  During the busy travel months of the summer, it is generally only dark between midnight and four in the morning, and even during these hours, there is some light coming through the sky.  It is generally agreed that crime is more likely to occur under the cover of darkness which simply isn’t a conducive factor in Oslo.

The one area that individuals might want to avoid in Oslo is the area just south/west of the Central Station.  This is considered to be Oslo’s drug dealing district and is the place where the seedier behavior in Oslo occurs.  It is considered relatively safe, but if you don’t have to take the chance of going there, don’t bother. Prostitution is now (since 2009) illegal in Norway.

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As the rest of Norway, Oslo has very high health & hygiene standards. Tap water is drinkable everywhere, and is in fact of excellent quality.