By Air

Oslo Lufthavn (formerly called Gardermoen) 

The Oslo International Airport (OSL) is located at Gardermoen approximately 50 km (30 miles) north of the centre of Oslo. There are two additional international airports serving Oslo: Rygge (RYG) (at Moss) about 60 km south of Oslo on east side of the fjord and Torp (TRF) (at Sandefjord) about 85 km south of Oslo on west side of the fjord.

Main airlines servicing the Oslo International airport include:

Upon arrival at the airport, visitors can opt to hire a car (check out good deals), hire a taxi or get public transport to continue on to their destination.  There is a taxi rank right outside of the terminal where visitors can wait in line to get a taxi, but it is recommended to use the special taxi desk in the arrival terminal where you can choose between the different companies that have available cars at the airport and get a fixed price going to Oslo (Going by the meter would be more expensive). Note that there are several taxi companies operating in Oslo, each with their own price system.

Tourists are recommended to consider other alternatives as a taxi to Oslo centre will be relatively expensive. However for groups of 3 or 4 persons a taxi may amount to the same price as bus or train.

Also located right in from of the terminal is a bus line (Flybussen) which runs to Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel via Oslo bus terminal every twenty minutes daily from 05.20 in the morning until 01.00 at night.  (NOK 150 single NOK 250/return trip). There are also bus services (Flybussekspressen) running to the central district of Majorstuen and to Bekkestua, Ski, Moss Airport Rygge, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad .

Another public transport option is the airport system’s high-speed trains (Airport Express - ) which depart every ten minutes and take visitors to Oslo Central Station and continue to Drammen. This train is the fastest option (only 19 minutes) and current price at 170 NOK is only a little more expensive than the bus. The airport train station is located within the terminal building, entrance on the arrivals level. Travel without a ticket by swiping a credit card at the entrance turnstile and selecting destination. Tickets can be purchased in arrivals hall either from machines or the Flytoget desk (for a surcharge of NOK 30). This comfortable, fast and reliable service is preferred by many locals going to the centre. 

The cheapest alternative are the local/regional trains run by NSB that also pass through the airport station. These trains are a good alternative for visitors going north (direction Lillehammer and Hamar) or further south (direction Tønsberg/Sandefjord/Skien). They are also quite a bit cheaper than the Airport Express to downtown Oslo, with a single ticket costing NOK 90. These trains will be marked with Larvik or Skien (regional trains) or Kongsberg (local trains) in the direction towards Oslo, and they stop at both Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) and the Nationaltheatret Station. Travel time to Oslo S is 23 minutes for both the local and regional trains.Public Transport tickets can be bought from the Public Transport desk or the N-Kiosk next to exit from Customs and from machines or ticket desks (for a surcharge of NOK 40) at the station entrance, or on the train (for a surcharge of NOK 40). Ticket machines are in both Norwegian and English language (note that you need to ask for a free blank reisekort at the ticket office for charging in the machines). Tickets for the regional train can also be bought online. The tickets need to be validated by reading machines at the entrance to the platforms Note that single tickets from Gardermoen are valid for 2 1/2 hours of travel from time of validation on all buses, trams and trains on arrival in Oslo. In addition there are 24 hour and 7 day passes available for all public transport in Oslo ( One option that may be of interest is to buy a 24hr pass for Oslo sentral zone and the supplementary ticket (NOK 60)  necessary to extend the validity to cover the initial journey from Gardermeoen (zone 4) to the centre (zone 1) - you have to purchase the supplementary tickets separately at the NSB machines.

Moss lufthavn Rygge (RYG) -

Main airlines servicing the Rygge Airport include:

There is a special bus to and from Oslo bus terminal timed to connect with international flights,, fares NOK 170 single and NOK 300 return. There are also buses to Gardermoen - – cost NOK 275. In addition there is a free shuttle bus to the Rygge station with Regional trains (NSB) to Oslo S about once an hour and you can change trains here to Gardermoen.


TORP Sandefjord lufthavn (TRF) - 

Main airlines servicing the Torp Airport include:

There is a special bus to and from Oslo bus terminal timed to connect with international flights,, fares NOK 240 single and NOK 420 return. In addition there is a free shuttle bus to the Torp station with Regional trains (NSB) to Oslo about once an hour which continue on to Gardermoen.

By Sea

There are three ferry services to Oslo for cars and passengers:

Stena Line from Fredrikshavn and DFDS Seaways from Copenhagen use the Vippetangen terminal about 1 km south of the main railway station. Short walk to no. 60 bus (, direction Tonsenhagen passes railway station.

Color Line from Kiel uses the Hjortneskaia at Filipstad about 2.5 km west of the railway station. There is a connecting bus to the Oslo bus terminal, standard Oslo fares (

Note however that for both terminals unless you can buy bus tickets before entering the bus it is about the same price for 2 to take a taxi on weekdays.

By Land

Visitors wishing to get to Oslo via methods other than air or sea can opt to travel by car, train or bus. Travellers from Europe coming by car either use the ferries described above or drive through Sweden, using either highway E18 from Stockholm or E6 from Copenhagen-Malmø-Gothenburg. Railways are similarily from either Stockholm or Europe via Copenhagen-Gothenburg. Book through Swedish railways and Norwegian railways There are also buses from Copenhagen and Stockholm: :


Note that age for senior discount in Norway is normally 67 - you will need proof of age. Check each company for student discounts and requirements for student ID.