Oslo has a range of public transportation system which travelers generally find it convenient to use for getting around the area.  The bus, tram and metro systems are all regularly used by tourists.  The most convenient thing about the public transportation system in Oslo is that all three of these methods of transportation are run by the same regulating company, Ruter and there is a common fare and ticketing system for all transportation within city limits which makes transportation on any of the optional systems efficient.

Journey planning can be done by using the website Trafikanten.

The metro system, known as the T-bane, is the largest metro system available in any city the size of Oslo, and it is growing as the area grows.  A new central ring line in the heart of Oslo improves the efficiency of an already-efficient system.  There are six different T-bane lines currently running which connect the downtown area of the city with the outer areas, all of which connect at the Oslo Central Station (Jernbanetorget) which is the area of highest passenger traffic.

The Oslo Central Station (Jernbanetorget) is also the place where tourists can go to get further information about all public transportation in Oslo, along with single-fare tickets and multi-fare discounted tickets for the bus, tram and metro. The Trafikanten central under the big metal and glass clock tower in front of the railway station is the best place to do this.