Oslo enjoys weather which makes it suitable for a range of outdoor sports throughout the year.  Many tourists travel to Oslo during the winter months, usually beginning at the very end of December and continuing through March, to take advantage of the excellent skiing opportunities in the area.  Despite this influx of winter visitors, the busy tourist season in Oslo is the summertime, when visitors can enjoy a combination of swimming, fishing, hiking and bicycling activities.

One of the favorite outdoor activity spots enjoyed by both locals and tourists is Oslomarka ( http://www.skiinfo.no/destinations/de... ).   The lakes here are excellent for summer swimming and the mountains makes it a great skiing area during the winter.  Although Oslomarka is used throughout the year, the favored summer sport is Oslo Archipelago.  This is the place for visitors to go to indulge in some summer sunbathing (or to check out others who are doing so).  Additionally, travelers interested in visiting other areas surrounding Oslo can catch the ferry near Oslo Archipelago.

Travelers interested in renting equipment for everything from skiing to hunting should be sure to check out Villmkarshuset, located at Christian Krohgs gt. 16. Sentrum.  Visitors are reminded that fishing and camping licenses may be required and can be obtained at this location.