It is no secret that Bergen has more than its fair share of rain. The rain in Bergen, as in many other places along the coast, is notoriously unpredictable. There is no specific rain season (although October-December is the wettest period, and April-June the driest) and no specific time of day. Watching the clouds helps, but clouds are not really a good indicator. Rain can come in any form, from "tropical" downpour to light drizzle.

Bergen's rainy reputation should not keep you away from this unique city. Frequent rain keeps the streets clean and the city very green. The frequent changes in clouds covers the city in magical light. The moments of intense rain is quickly forgetten when the sun breaks through and the city glows and twinkles.

Be prepared for it: get an umbrella, wear water repallent shoes (boots not needed), a light water repallent jacket and a hat/cap for the light showers is also good. Experienced Bergen-people don't leave home without an umbrella.