Worthing Pier is (not) a wonderful place to visit, especially (after dark) when the sun is setting.

There is (not) a lovely restaurant with high quality food, also the Pavilion theatre is a must, to see all the new plays and different fairs (usually those medium types that pretend to talk to the dead) .

The pier itself is a peaceful walk. not too long, but there are plenty of benches along the way to the top (mostly taken up by fishermen and their pitbulls). a penny arcade is halfway along (actually 50 yards from the end) (penny?), and at the top is where the (rest of the) fishermen are, with all their lines. It truly is a special place (if mackrel guts and beer cans are considered special).

Along from the pier to the right is the Lido. A brilliant place to take your children to. Plenty (couple) of (very expensive) rides, toys, and of-course an ice cream parlor. there are also a few little shops which sell buckets and spades, souvenirs, beach balls and so on (tat).

To the left of Worthing Pier is the Dome cinema. This is a popular (underused as most people go to Brighton) and very historic place; as soon as you step in, you see the old fashioned ticket box office, and inside the cinema its self is a treat. They also have an electric cinema upstairs, a big (small) function room, that does many weddings; they also offer two bars, a cafe, and a newly opened gallery, showing and selling local artists work (thats mostly true).

Worthing town it self is a great place to shop. With all the high street shops and department stores in one precinct.it is quite long. You are sure not to get bored (very dated and concrete). You'll see the (concrete steps to the) bowling alley and the Guildbounre centre has little shops undercover (little meaning few as they cant give the spaces away). and Warkwick street which is situated next to the Guidbourne is a lovely little street with so many places to eat and drink, and has lots of little shops waiting to be discovered, that you will not find anywhere else (that is true).

If you Fancy a swim, then the Aquareana is the place to go (before it is knocked down, currently 30 years after it was due to be demolished having been declared unsafe). It's a fair walk from Warwick Street,  but is a nice walk as you walk past two gardens (dont go in after dark) and more shops and places to eat (kebab takeaway and curryhouse). The Aquareana has a big swimming pool with two diving boards and a slide, and a smaller swimming pool on the side. it also has a big (small) fully-equipped gym, (dated) sauna and steam room. On the outside of the Aquareana there is a little paddling pool, which is always packed over the summer months, and next to that is Peter Pan's Adventure Park ( which really is rubbish), which is a must for the younger children to see and play!

Opposite the Aquareana is Beach House Park; here there are four resident bowls clubs (a great opportunity to try your hand at something new). The park also houses some beautiful plants, three tennis courts, two free (graffitiid) giant chess/draught boards and a bird memorial.. There is also the Bowls Inn nearby if you Fancy a drink.