For culture vultures (yes there is culture here!)/and history lovers:

Historic Quarter - Some of the oldest buildings in the town are here, including the town hall and the historic Royal Mail stop from London - Peterborough when coach and horses were used. The stop was at The Dukes Head Hotel and the original 17th Century building still stands with the archway underneath. It has a 1910/20's extension out the back, but inside on the first floor has 17th Century oak panelled room with it's original fireplace.

Time & Tide museum - Fantastic museum detailing the history of Great Yarmouth's Herring industry. Family friendly, although some children might tire as is quite big!!

Greyfriers Cloisters - Ruins, but still good to see. Especially when you see that parts of it have been used elsewhere in the town!

The Tolhouse - One of the UK's oldest gaols dating back to the 12th Century.

Row Houses - Great for summer as nice and cool. Charts how life was in the 1800's and 1942. 

Elizabethan House - On the quayside, this museum is set out to how it would have been in Elizabethan times. Built for a wealthy merchant, it shows how the upper classes lived.

Nelson Museum - Charters the history of a 'Norfolk boy dun' good'

Medieval Town Wall - Just by the Time & tide museum. Is one of the longest intact town walls in the UK.

Historic Smokehouse at Great Yarmouth Potteries - Again, just by the Time & Tide museum. Pottery still made on the premises.

Nelson's Monument - stands at 43 metres and is about 190 years old. Tours to the top are available during the summer for a birds eye view of Yarmouth and the see. On a good day you can see Gulliver the turbine at Lowestoft (about 9 miles away by road).