Those who have never been to Agrigento before will want to make sure to see the Greek and Roman ruins nearby. The main attraction is the Valley of the Temples to the south of the modern city, where Greek sanctuaries and monuments in various states of preservation can be seen. There is also the ruins of the old Roman city, Agrigentum, which was one of the most important and prosperous cities in the Roman Empire.

To get to Agrigento from the mainland or another Sicilian town such as Palermo or Messina, it is a good idea to use trains, which services all the large coastal cities and runs direct services from Messina to Rome, Naples or Bari. The trains, however, are not always efficient, and workers often go on strike. There are also inter-city and inner-city buses, as well as taxis, though these are quite expensive and drivers are not known for honesty.

First-time travelers in Sicily should also be aware of cultural and legal differences in place. Restaurants usually charge a cover cost for each person sitting down at a meal (supposedly to make up for the bad tipping practices of most Italians). Dress is typically more formal than in North America or parts of Europe, with women rarely wearing shorts, sleeveless blouses or running shoes. Women traveling alone should also be prepared for catcalls, lewd comments or stares in the streets, and should avoid going anywhere alone after dark.