The fourth largest lake in Lombardy is just to the north of Brescia. Lake Iseo, also known as Lago d’Iseo, retains it scenic beauty despite being in one of the most heavily industrialized parts of Italy. Lake Iseo is also believed to be the deepest lakes in Europe, and in the middle of the lake is the Mone Isola, which is the largest island in any lake in southern Europe. Ferry service is available to the island, which is ideal for hiking and cycling, as there are numerous trails, and no cars are allowed.

The lakeshore features numerous small towns, and each of these offers their own unique charms with small tight winding streets, and quaint shops. The town of Iseo, which is home to the first monument ever built to honor Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi, and includes a massive statue and fountain in the main square. The town also features the Pieve di S. Andes, which dates back to 12th century and features a cusped Romanesque bell tower.

Nearby is the village of Marone are the natural Pyramids of Zone, where the erosion from glaciers have left pinnacles that shoot up 30 feet in the air. This makes for a most impressive sight, especially considering the vast growth that the area has undergone since Italian unification in the 1860s.