The architectural style of the buildings of Positano is generally described as “Italian Vernacular,” using a uniform, geometric composition and the characteristic whitewashed stucco and tiled roofs.   Alternately settled by Greeks, Romans, and Pisans, a surprisingly large number of buildings have survived intact.  Also showing influences of Moorish architecture with its graceful arches and organic forms, the history and architecture of Positano are so important that the entire city has been labeled a world cultural heritage site. 

If the picturesque town of Positano is not enough for you, there are more than enough ancient buildings to visit and explore for their architectural beauty, including Clavel’s Tower.  Originally a Norman fortress used to defend Positano against the Muslims in the 13th century, the crumbling building was refurbished by the architect Gilbert Clavel in the 1920s and turned into a villa.  Built as a fusion of traditional Italian, Norman and Avant Garde style, Clavel’s tower has hosted such luminaries as Cocteau and Picasso.  Today it is a villa that is available for rent. 

There are also many churches and Cathedrals in the city which are fine examples of Renaissance architecture, including the baroque cathedral on the piazza and the church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Flavio Gioia square. 

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