Most people arriving in the Mont-St-Michel area do so via car, whether it is their own car or a rental car obtained at the airport.  (Additional information about arrival in the area via both of these methods is available at .)  Because of this, driving is generally the preferred method for getting around.  However, visitors are strongly reminded that during flood season, it can be impossible to navigate the area by car.  Visitors should watch the local weather and be aware of the seasons so as not to get trapped in the area during this time.  More information about Mont-St-Michel weather is available at .

Although driving in the area is recommended, walking is also an important means of getting around Mont-St-Michel.   Most people will find that the historic buildings and attractions of the area can not be seen easily in any way other than to get out and get walking around the area.   Bicyclists do sometimes find their way to Mont-St-Michel, but this is not a highly recommended means of getting around and bicycle rental is not a viable option in the area.   Walking really is the best way to see everything that is not seen from the car.