Asocna is known for being a safe city.  Visitors and residents alike walk through its streets safely day after day without incident, even late at night when returning home from an evening out.   However, since Ascona is known for attracting large numbers of affluent visitors, the occasional petty theft and/or pickpocket does take place.  If you are visiting the city it may be a good idea to take a few precautions to safeguard yourself from becoming victim to this type of crime:

  • Use your hotel's safe to store valuables including extra cash, jewelry, credit cards and passports (carry photocopies with you rather than the originals).
  • If you have a car, do not leave shopping bags, laptops or other items in plain view while you are away from the vehicle.  These can encourage break-ins.  Lock valuables in the car's trunk instead.
  • Although this is not a crime-related tip, it is an important one.  When in older buildings especially (Ascona is full of them), such as hotels and restaurants, be sure to make yourself familiar with the fire exists when you arrive.  This could prove to be a real lifesaver, and is a good habit to be in regardless of the city you are visiting or the age of the building you are in.