Barry's Info

Barry's is a family-run amusement park situated on the coast of Portrush, Northern Ireland. It has been there for over 100 years and hold the childhood memories of a lot of people that live there. It is not a big place like Alton Towers but it is fun all the same. All of the rides are paid for in tokens and can be purchased in packs to save money.


They have 13 rides, some for the young and some for the rest of the family. They have one roller coaster, the big dipper and two thrill rides, the experience and the freak out. They also have a mini water ride for children, the turtle splash. There is also the ghost train, dodgems, mini dodgems, hobby horses, cyclone, big apple, srv, monte carlo and the express train. Pictures of some of them can be seen at along with info on the park, directions, opening times etc.