Pingo Doce supermarket is one of the biggest local supermarkets. It has a broad stock and has fresh fish, fresh meat, a bakery and a take-away.
Location: just before you enter Quarteira on the right; well signposted. 

Opening hours daily: 09.00 - 21.00 (between 1/7 and15/9 until 22.00)


Very nearby, also in Quarteira, you find Continente/Modelo. It also has fresh fish, meat and a bakery.

Opening hours daily: 08.30 - 21.00


Smaller supermarkets - in Vilamoura:

Spar supermarket, much smaller but also bakery, fresh fish and meat.

Ali-Super, also smaller but has bakery.  Atrium-Vilamoura, Avenida Engenheiro João Meireles.

Ali-Super, Marina area, Avenida Tivoli, Edifício Tivoli, (opposite Dom Pedro Golfe hotel and nextdoor to Algamar apts)

Prata Supermarket, West side of Marina (far end) in Aquamar building. Small supermarket with essentials, open daily 09.00 - 21.00 and closed on Mondays.

Ali-Super, not far from Hilton,  Rua Estados Unidos da América, Edifício Topázio,

Ali-Super, West part of Vilamoura in Aldeia do Golfe,

Jafers, West part of Vilamoura in Caminho do Lago.

Various small neighborhood supermarkets, scattered over Vilamoura, where you find your basics such as Jafers in Old Village,

For all 6 Jafers supermarkets in Vilamoura:

Out of town:

Lidl, East of Quarteira, on the M527 road to Almancil.

(some maps don't show the building with the supermarket as the maps are older than the construction of the supermarkets)

Modelo/Continente Quarteira, expected to open 2015: