Australians love a roadtrip and motoring in Australia is generally an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy exploring the country.  It must be remembered that is is a big country and distances between towns can be vast in places.  Here are some resources to help make the most of a driving holiday in Australia:

Australian Automotive Association Organisations

Each State and Territory in Australia has it's own Motoring Association representing drivers & road users within it's area.  Along with lobbying government for better roads and conditions, they provide invaluable roadside assistance in times of breakdown or other emergency and motoring touring resources.  Each organisation offers reciprocal member benefits for both interstate and international members of motoring associations.

They have combined to produce an excellent resource for driving holidays called

Drive Australia - This offers suggested itineraries for each state or territory together with things to see & do along the way.

Other resources for roadtrips include: - Self Drive Holidays - Suggested itineraries for some iconic Australian roadtrips

Australian Traveller - Driving Holidays - A collection of articles from Australian Traveller Magazine relating to driving holidays.

Essential Kids - Family Driving Holidays - Advice and ideas for roadtrips with kids in Australia

Americans Driving in Australia

Experienced drivers from North America need not fear driving in Australia.  The road signs, markings and traffic laws a quite similar to those in the United States and Canada and the meaning is clear enough.  Mapping systems, whether GPS units from car hire agencies or those built into a smart phone, are detailed and generally quite accurate.  Please remember you will be driving on the left, so slow down, take it easy and you should be fine.  For the most part, seeing other vehicles provides a contextual clue that help remind one to keep to the left side of the street.  Accordingly, the North American driver needs to exercise more focus when pulling on to an empty street, remembering to keep to the left.

For very short stays, car rental fees for two days are probably less than round trip taxi fare from airport to hotel.  For longer stays, the average North American resident is well used to having one's one "wheels" and will likely enjoy the greater mobility afforded by having a car at one's disposal.  However, just as in North America, in the larger cities parking can be problematic and expensive.

There are other articles to be sure to read about hiring a car, insurance and liability issues, and toll fees for some roads and bridges.  Check those out carefully.  Then, go ahead: hire a car in Australia!