Fitzroy Island is a good place to spend one or two nights. It is located in the inner reef and is a good introduction to the beauty of the reef. The water is clean and there are great places for snorkeling and hiking. There are few places to stay overnight so book ahead. Also, beware that the island is used for outdoor education for the local schools so sometimes there are a lot of kids running around there which have the potential of disturbing the tranquility of the place. Bring water shoes as all the beach access is covered with very sharp coral which can cut the feet. There are several bush walking trails through the rain forest. Cockatiels and parrots were everywhere-wild. Rocks and boulders surrounded the island so it is impossible to walk or swim around it. One might also consider taking food as the food prices there are outrageous. There is only one snack bar and one restaurant open evenings.Fitzroy Island pier