Tasmania can be the ideal place to tour with a campervan - especially if you have prior experience of vanning.  The summer months are ideal vanning weather, although January is very busy and it can be difficult to find a camping place without prior booking.  It can be a little too cold to campervan with comfort in the winter months.

Some small towns and villages offer free unpowered camp sites on the town common, but in the main centres it will be necessary to go to a proper van park.  It is always best to stay at a van park if you want good washing, toilet and power facilities. The reality of managing one's own water supply, grey and black waste can be less romanticthan the lure of the campervan "freedom".

The following companies (simply in alphabetical order) operate campervan rental businesses in Tasmania:

AutoRent Hertz

Bargain Car Rentals


Cruisin' Tasmania

Devil Campervans


Swag Campers

Tasmania Campervan Rentals


Tasmania Campers


Van parks in Tasmania can be found here:

Big 4 Van Parks

Go See

Caravan Parks Tas

Discover Tasmania


The "Hire Companies" page on this website gives a useful summary of campervan rental businesses:  Discovery Campervans

It is worthwhile doing a search on the Tasmania forum pages using the names of campervan companies for past customer recommendations and reports.