The culture of Hobart is very laid back and relaxed. People are touted for their friendliness. The history of Hobart in itself, cannot be taken too seriously, perhaps it is a part of the reason why the people here are so relaxed. Hobart began as a convict's city; convicts were literally brought here by the masses with one of the major intentions being to keep the French out. Therefore, do not expect French culture in Hobart!

The population has remained quite steady, not growing rapidly over the years. Because of this employment opportunity is not very great and the city is not at all the urban counterpart of other major Australian cities. Its Tasmanian location has given it a true sense of allure to outsiders and kept it from the modernizing outer world.

The fact that the population has not grown rapidly does not mean there is not a sense of cultural richness in Hobart by any means. Hobart is an active community. One of the world's best small orchestras is located here, prize-winning writers have come from here, and the people are outdoors and lively, partaking in community events and enjoying life. These are some of the main reasons tourists love Hobart and Tasmania.