Caveat: This article can't be future-proofed as pubs in Auckland are opening and closing all the time - hopefully all these establishment are waiting for you with open doors when you turn up. 

From the cheeky lunchtime pint to the Friday night, shirt-hanging-out bender Auckland CBD is actually a great night spot if you know where to go. 

Its not as simple as "go to X street, all the pubs are great there" because the great pubs for drinking great beer are unfortunately not lined up side-by-side in a convenient fashion. Some of them are also in slightly obscure places that can be hard to find if you are not familiar with the city - so make sure you plan it in advance with a map of some sort. You won't need any kind of transport apart from the YY express (your legs). However, you may need a taxi to take you home!!

It is recommended to start mid-town and head down-town from there. First port of call: The Bluestone Room.

The Bluestone Room is located on Durham Lane and is located in one of the oldest buildings in Auckland - from the 1850s. This one is quite hard to find, even though it is in very close proximity to Queen Street aka the main drag. Durham Lane goes both East and West off Queen Street - if heading UP Queen Street, you want to turn right into it, a one-way street, then take your next right and you can't miss it. The BSR, as its affectionately known, sells mainly the Monteith's range on tap - look out for seasonal beers, or the perennial favourite Monteith's Golden. 

From here you want to cross Queen Street and head up the other Durham Lane to High Street at the top. High Street is a one-way road and you want to walk downhill to head to bar #2 - Rakino's. Rakino's is again a bit tricky to get to - look out for a balcony with RAKINOS on it looking out over the Freyburg Square. Walk down the hallway directly under the balcony and left up the steep steps. They have great bar staff here, usually the local beers are only bottled but with good happy hour specials and an awesome drawcard being the couchy atmosphere and view over the plebs in the square. 

Stick to one beverage at Rakinos and head down High Street just a little way until you hit Vulcan Lane - signalled by the only Zebra Crossing on High Street. Turn left (pubs left, cafes right if you need a coffee from staple Melba Cafe) and head to O'Carroll's. O'Carrolls serves up some of the best beers in New Zealand right in the heart of Auckland CBD. Ask the bar staff for tips but the kegs are on frequent rotation and they are always getting the latest fresh beers in from NZ's wide array of upcoming craft breweries. The writer recommends treating yourself to a couple here, although the alcohol percentage in some of the beers creeps up towards double digits so pace yourself.

From here stumble down Vulcan Lane and take a right turn down Queen Street. You want to head down to the main pedestrian intersection by Britomart with Customs Street. Turn Right down Customs Street and head straight until you see a white refurbished building with big windows on street level called Britomart Brewery (conversely its on the city side of the road not the Britomart side). These guys serve up some great beers including high-class drop Moa - probably keep it to one if you can.  

From here cross Customs Street (try to avoid being struck down by the many buses and use a pedestrian crossing adjacent) and pop into Britomart Country Club aka BCC. This establishment has a very casual garden bar type feel with the bar and toilets converted out of old 40 foot containers. The beer is not spectacular though but its a great spot and a favourite with the local suits so worth sinking a quiet.

Head down from here straight to the waterfront aka Quay Street (you should be able to see it, if not maybe call it a night). Turn right along Quay Street so you are heading away from the city. You will eventually hit a pub called Brew on Quay - its in an old heritage brick building and probably the pinacle of craft beer culture in Auckland Central pubs. If you've reached a carpark/supermarket/gym you've gone too far - turn back! Brew on Quay is your final stop for the night and while the tap beer selection is not as extensive as O'Carroll's the bottled beer selection is second to none. The bar staff are educated in the vagaries and minutiae of fine beers and so they will happily serve you up suggestion after suggestion and also let you sample the tap beers. 

Hopefully all of the aforementioned pubs are open for your sampling when you choose to visit and that you enjoy this fine pub crawl for beer lovers through Auckland CBD!!