Queenstown has several taxi companies, and two of the biggest are Queenstown Taxis and Green Cabs. The number for Queenstown Taxis is +64 3 450 3000. The number for Green Cabs is +64 0508 447 336.Both services are reliable and affordable however Green cabs is slightly cheaper for trips out to Arrowtown and the Kelvin Heights areas. There are cheap shuttle buses at the airport, these can be a good option for getting into town if you are by yourself.

You will be able to find the taxis in most spots throughout the town anytime of day. The only times in which you may have trouble getting a taxi are late at night when there are fewer driving around. Calling a taxi by phone is faster than waiting at a taxi stand. Using a taxi can be a nice alternative to the bus, but not cheap!  The drivers are experienced in the town and know their way around.

If you want to rent a car, you can do so either from the airport, There is now a freephone board to call from for a greater selection of operators .Or you can search out a number of different retailers throughout the town. The prices for renting the cars will vary, but they are generally good value. The insurance for renting a car in New Zealand is generally included in the daily rate , however to reduce your liabillity to nil (in case of an accident) will cost a few extra dollars per day.

Beware of the taxi companies at QT Airport. NZ car hire agreements usually operates take it with a full tank and return it with a full tank. There have been many complaints from people returning the car full and later having additional petrol costs added to the visa card once they have left. This has even happened with some of the major rental companies at QT Airport. If returning full of fuel keep the petrol reciept. You will need it to try and get the over charge refunded later. 

 Because of the exchange rate, you are actually paying about what you would be if you were renting a car in the United States.

 You should definately take the extreme road conditions the South Island can present into account when choosing your insurance options,

Snow chains are a must through winter and may be required  May through October depending on weather.

Renting from a company called "About New Zealand" is highly recommended. Cars are a few years old but very well maintained.

Not all rental car companies have a depot in Queenstown, so when booking make sure your car can be left there without an extra charge (relocation fee) if hiring from another town first.

If flying in, the rental car companies inside the airport  terminal in no particular order, are:

Budget, Avis, Nationwide/Ezi-Rent, Apex, Ace, Thrifty, Hertz, Europcar & Maui. -Go Rentals are behind the Helicopters on Lucas place (approx 100m) and will meet you at the terminal door,   Jucy are outside behind the public carpark looking towards the lake.

All of the afore mentioned operators are licenced by the Airport.

If you hire from any other company, for example Discount Rentals you'll need to ring them when you arrive to find out where you get your car from, if they haven't already told you before hand, as their depot won't be at the airport.