If you are interested in seeing turtles laying their eggs or viewing turtle hatchlings try Mon Repos near Bundaberg. Book in advance on the net or in person at the Bundaberg Info centre. Viewing is divided into groups so the earlier you book the more likely you are to be in group 1. Each group is taken to the beach as a turtle arrives or hatchlings emerge. This is nature so you may happen to go on a night when neither occur. There are no refunds if you don't see a turtle. Take insect repellant and eat before you go as you might be in for a long night. You may see a loggerhead laying her eggs or hatchlings. They are spectacular to see close up and single minded in their task once started. Food is available at the venue as well as souvenirs. Limited photography is also possible. 

A turtle emerged at 8.30pm approximately but group 2 waited until 10.30pm to be called to the beach, but remember, no guarantees. Local accommodation is available within a few minutes' walk to the turtles and a few metres to the beach.