You need not worry about your personal safety in Margaret River. That is, you need not worry about someone lifting your wallet or breaking into your car. These are concerns everywhere in the world, of course, but the dangers in Margaret River are more likely to come from your own activities, not someone else’s.

So, what are the dangers in Margaret River? There are generally more dangers if you neglect to take basic safety precautions. For example, don’t hike alone, and be sure to bring plenty of water. The weather can change in an instant, literally with the blink of an eye, so make sure you have a sweatshirt or jacket, or a lightweight T shirt under your warmer clothes. Jackets and sweatshirts that can be wrapped around your waist are your best bet.

The water here is generally safe, but there are many beaches with strong undertows and they can be dangerous if you aren’t paying attention. If you are visiting in the winter and it has rained, be careful when you’re out walking. The creeks can overflow and the crossings can be dangerous. Black rocks are usually wet rocks, and can be slippery and very dangerous, so take care there.

One of the best things in Western Australia, is the blue sunny skies, which means in summer it can get particularly hot, but if you do the slip, slop, slap routine then you'll be fine. That is, be sure to slip on some sun protective clothing, slop on some sunscreen (SPF15+ at least), and slap on a hat and sunglasses. Skin cancer is a big killer in Australia, so it is recommended that you seek shade to protect your skin from skin cancer and other sun damage and take extra care when outdoors between 10:00am and 3:00pm when UV radiation is the most intense. These days the local newspaper and TV news programs advises the UV index each day.