Wanganui has plenty to offer for the visitor and it is highly recommended that visitors do stay at the Whanganui River Top 10 Holiday Park to enhance their experience of being close to the river and where the river comes from, the mountain, Mt Ruapehu.  From here you can enjoy the swing at mosquito point on a 15m cable and fly your fly over the river and come back for a safe landing on the river bank.  From the holiday park you can do long and short kayak trips or for the people like staying on earth, take a mountain bike ride.

Up Robers avenue, follow this circular route, is a beautiful view point of the river and the city - take the rural road up Brunswick avenue to Bushy Park, where you can discover the natural forest and wetlands of this area - a extensive programme has been launched on protecting the Kiwi.  The historical home  of this park is open to visitors , serve good food and share their valuable information and history to the visitor. 

From Bushy Park head out to State highway 3 and back to town - visit the Raspberry and Strawberry farm - Windermere Gardens - taste the fresh product or/and the tasty fruit wines and liqueur's.  The road to the Bason's botanic gardens is not far from there.  This 45ha gardens is absolutely stunning and is so good for the soul, fresh air and enjoying the better things in life.

Entering the town is Virginia lake  - this lake is home to ducks ,swans and pukekus . The lovely stroll around the lake will take about 45min. complimenting the lake are the indoor winter gardens and the bird aviary will all kinds of birds - say hallo to Cockatoo.

Going down Victoria avenue, cross the bridge and park your vehicle opposite the bridge to enter the Maori feature to be welcomed by the echos in the 213m tunnel.  Make your way to the top of the hill will the elevator and then let the legs do the climbing up the steps, 176 of them up the Durie Hill Tower.  From there you will have an eagles view to Mt Ruapehu, Mt Taranaki and the South Island.  The west coast beach and the Whanganui river.  Following you way to the Dublin Bridge, you will discover the one and only unique children's play ground - something for every body to do - young and old.  Opposite the park is the mini golf, bumper boats and go-carts for the speedsters.

Follow the road to the North and you will find a place of historic interest - a Maori pa from where crops where protected. Quite amazing how this area has not been ruined over the years.  To see how Wanganui was bush land a few years ago, visit Gorden's bush.  A lovely 15minute stroll taking you decades back in the past.

 Wanganui also has the Kanaan Honey House - met the bee keeper and be healed by the medicine of nature, manuka honey, or just take a tast to be sweet for the rest of your holidays.

The only paddle steam boat in New Zealand is operating 10km a day on the Whanganui River - enjoy the good food, good music, good company and have the relaxation of a lifetime

Wanganui is well known for its art and culture.  The Sergeant Gallary presents the art, while the museum make us all understand the culture and experiences of this area.