Zamora Cathedral


The Cathedral's construction started in 1151 and it was consecrated in 1174 by the Bishop Esteban, who had the church built. The tower was finished in the 13th century as a defensive tower, with a height of 37 meters with five floors. The church is surrounded by the old walls of the city and is known as one of the best Romanesque churches in Spain. There were several Gothic features added later and a cloister in the style of Juan de Herrera. There are three naves in the church. The main door is called the Bishop's Doorway and has an austere style. The workshop of Juan de Bruselas carved the choir stalls in 1505, which are very impressive. The main chapel has a sculpture of Nuestra Señora de la Majestad, which shows the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus. This sculpture is exceedingly beautiful. The Chapel of San Juan Evangelista has the tomb of Juan de Grado, carved in stone with incredible designs. The Chapel of San Bernardo has a sculpture of Cristo de las Injurias,  which shows a crucified Christ, but the artist is still unknown. The museum contains 20 tapestries of an extraordinary quality, with vivid colors and beautiful designs.