Most visitors arrive in Karlovy Vary via the train or bus from Prague. You can get to the town in a relatively short period of time, perhaps 2 hours on a slower day, and you can take one day or several days to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the water.

If you plan to arrive in town via the bus or train, you’ll be left without a vehicle in Karlovy Vary. How should you get around? There are a few options.

Most visitors suggest walking as the best option for travel around Karlovy Vary. Much of the activity is based around the town’s center, so getting around for shopping, tasting the water, and interesting and varied dining isn't too hard. Most of the major attractions can be discovered via a good walk.

If you decide to rent or hire a car in Karlovy Vary -- or if you arrive in your own -- be aware of a few things: parking can be scarce and reserved only for residents and locals. Or if you are parking near a hotel, the parking there might often be reserved for the hotel patrons only. In addition, street signs are often written only in Czech, not English as well, so either learn the language, learn just a few phrases, or carry a good language book with you.