Some helpful tips to get you prepared for Prague:

1. Prague Card

Research carefully. Most attractions offer family admissions and can be free for younger children. When you add it all up, it could be more economical for you to pay admissions for the attractions you want.

2. Avoid summer

If you don't have much patience for crowds, beware, it's unbearable in August. It's crowded everywhere. The most crowded of all places are Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. Be prepared to make reservations for popular restaurants too.

3. Cobbled Streets

Prague is very cobbled. Make sure you wear a good pair of shoes with strong, thick soles. If you are pushing a stroller, watch out, it will be tough and the pedestrian crossing lights change really quickly. There are also tram tracks to roll/walk over!

4. Poor frontline service

Some travelers find that staff can be rude, indifferent and may not speak English. This is everywhere from restaurants, museum entrances, shop staff, hotel staff etc. Knowing this upfront may help. Of course there are great service too but it's not all rounder.

5. Dali Mucha Museum Old Town Square

It's smack right in the centre of old town square (there is another Mucha museum and another World Premiere Mucha temporary exhibit at the Municipal House) with bold prints of Mucha and Dali's name on its building facade. It doesn't feel like a museum at all and in fact they call themselves a gallery. They are no sitter in the room though chairs are provided. Also the gallery is in a building shared with other offices.

6. Watch the roads

Cars rarely give way to pedestrians. Also they drive rather dangerously or fast. Do pay attention and always hold your children's hand.

7. Search for reliable services online as much as possible.