The official site for Gdansk is most excellent, as it contains a four-item sidebar that bursts into lists of things to do and places to see while there and offers endless descriptions of city festivals and fine arts.  The two sections of the site that are unfortunately rather lacking are those for nightlife and shopping.  Still, this is an excellent starting point for planning a trip to Gdansk.

Should you wish to contact the Tourist Office more directly, either stop down 27 Heweliusza while there or call 301-43-55, 301-60-96, or 301-93-27.

If you need a map of Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot go to this site you will find info about tourist attractions, shopping, places to eat and etc. You will be able to print the map or pick it up free at  any tourist information office or in any hotel or restaurant.

To fill the aforementioned gaps in nightlife and shopping knowledge, try this site .

Go Poland’s
subsection is good on the practical stuff, and then some. would seem to be a promising portal to everything regarding the city, but don’t bother—it is a sketchy site comprised of only bad links.

For official Poland information, click here ; for the country’s government, check this site , and finally, for some quality knowledge on the country, .