Gdansk has seasonal weather with both cold winters and warm summers, the coldest months being January and February and the warmest July and August, when temperatures can often break the eighties.  Weather, however, is not a reason to come to or avoid Gdansk.  Rather, the numerous events and festivities that overfill its calendar should dictate the visitor’s itinerary.

St. John’s festivities in June
bring in visitors from throughout Eastern Europe.  Held in St. John’s dazzling Gothic cathedral, art and religion mix here for five days of sacred celebration.

The FETA International Festival of Open Air and Street Theater
overruns Gdansk come mid-July, with everything from circus acts involving mimes, stilt walkers, and jugglers to international dance fests that attest to the city’s demographic diversity and cultural inclusiveness.

The Sense of Humor Festival
is, as its title suggests, dedicated to dramatic comedy and takes place in July as well, while the Gdansk Musical Summer provides a melodic backdrop to the city’s most culturally vibrant season.

Finally, the International Festival of Organ Music at the Oliwa Cathedral furnishes a final reason to visit Gdansk in the summer, as a stunning and virtuoso display of solo performers Baroquely bang away at duo keyboards in what has become a worldwide attraction.

All the above does not even come close to exhausting the list of festivals and celebrations hosted in Gdansk every year.  For a more full list, check here .