There are over 100 bridges within the city, canals and river locks so cruises are very interesting and recommended for those who want to see Wroclaw from the beautiful river perspective. 

There are many options of river cruises in Wroclaw. Some of them are listed below. The season usually starts between late March and early April and ends in September-October (it all depends on the weather conditions). 

Cruise ships 

Big cruise ships travel on fixed routes that can slightly differ each year. For example - there are cruises from the city centre (next to the Hala Targowa - Market Hall) to the Zoo. Prices aren't high, about 20-30 PLN / person but those ships won't move until a larger group gathers. 

Wroclaw has 3 big river harbours - the Market Hall Harbour (Przystań Hala Targowa), the Zoo Harbour (next to the Zoo, the Japanese Gate and the Zoo office - you can enter the Zoo from there), the Zwierzyniecka Harbour (next to the Zwierzyniecki Bridge, close to the Zoo and the Centennial Hall) and 3 small harbours - the Kardynalska Harbour (on the Piasek Island, next to the Ostrów Tumski - the Cathedral Island), the Uniwersytecka Harbour (Ksiecia Witolda street) and the small harbour on Ostrow Tumski, near the Theologigal Faculty building (Papieski Wydział Teologiczny). 

You can find some more info in English here: (but mind that the English translation of this website is very poor)

Gondolas - small boats for about 20-30 people

There are several small boats operating in Wroclaw ("Gucio", "Maja", "Kaczuszka" and other), their routes and prices change almost every year. Their usual start point is located on Piaskowa Island, next to the Market Hall and Ostrów Tumski. The approximate cost for one person - 40 minute cruise - is  15 PLN. There are also night cruises available that cost about 20-25 PLN / person (very romantic!). There is also the so-called water tram that runs from the harbour on Ostrow Tumski - you can choose long 40 minute cruise for 15 PLN or just a short ride to the opposite river bank for 5 PLN.  

Modern yacht - cruise boat Jazz-Funboat

You can rent the whole luxurious boat for a party (there is a bar, wc and a grill on board, 14 people max, 400 PLN/hour) or just take part in a 40 minute cruise for 25 PLN. The start point is located next to the Topacz Marina on Księcia Witolda Street 2 (the so-called Uniwersytecka Harbour). Home website: (English version under construction but there is an email available:  

Kayaks, motor boats and small boats for individual activities

There is a small marina (called Zatoka Gondoli) located right next to the National Museum and close to the Panorama Raclawicka. You can rent a 2-person kayak for 10 PLN/hour, a small rowing boat (gondola) for 20 PLN/hour or a motorboat for 70 PLN (motorboats are not available in high season when the traffic the river is big). 

If you are looking for any assistance and information about boats and cruises available in Wroclaw during your stay, please visit the tourist information centre located on the Main Square (Rynek) - they will give you info about the recent prices and cruises available at the moment.