By plane:  The major international airport serving Wroclaw is located in Strachowice which is relatively close to downtown Wroclaw . It is served by major international airlines flying in from international capitals such as London. There are no direct flights to the area from North America so travelers usually switch flights in London, Munich, Frankfurt or Warsaw which is the capital of Poland. Flying via Warsaw by the Polish national carrier LOT is usually cheaper then other international airlines. Flights from Warsaw to Wroclaw run generally every 2 hours and the flight takes only 45 minutes. In the near future LOT will use Boeings 787 Dreamliners for flight from North America.

For European travelers who do not have a low cost direct connection the most convenient and cheapest connections are usually offered by LOT changing in Warsaw or by Lufthansa changing in Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf. One has to be aware of the ILS (Instrumental Landing System) currently out of order in Wrocław which makes some evening arrivals cancel or divert to Katowice or Poznan. 

Some passengers prefer usually cheaper flights to Katowice Pyrzowice airport (KTW), then travelling to the city centre of Katowice by bus and on to Wroclaw by train or bus ( is the less foggy airport in Poland and offers almost 40 international routes operated by Wizzair (new ones being Tel Aviv and Bergen), Lufthansa, Ryanair and others. 

From the airport to the city centre: Travelers will find that public transportation is the cheapest method of getting around the area and should not plan on renting a car. The airport-center bus number is 406, departs every 20 minutes from Monday to Friday and every 40 minutes on weekends, last departure around 11 pm (after the last bus departure it is recommended to take a taxi). If you have your accommodation in the center of Wroclaw, you shall get off the bus at one of the following stops - "Orlat Lwowskich" or "Arkady" (both placed approx. 1.5 km from the Main Square). The last stop is Dworcowa - placed near the main train station. Taking a taxi from the airport is of course more expensive than taking a bus - but it's incomparably quicker. There are no trams connecting the airport and the city center. See for more information. 

By train / bus:  Travelers can reach the area by bus or by train if those are preferable methods of arrival in the area. Travelers should take an express train if time is of the essence because traditional trains in the area are slow. Travelers on a budget should plan on taking the bus or train as this is the least expensive method of arrival in the area. The main train and bus stations are located in the city center and one can take a tram to get to the Old City and the Main Square area (it takes approx. 5 minutes by one of the direct trams and 15-20 minutes on foot). 

By boat:  Wroclaw is an island location which is connected via bridges. It is barely possible to arrive from nearby destination via ferry or to arrive from further destinations via cruise ship. These are unusual and not necessarily recommended methods of arrival. 

TOP PICK: Travelers seeking advice on the top method of arrival in the area should plan on flying into the airport and then taking public transportation to their hotel destination.