Travelers will want to pick up some unique items while they are in Wroclaw so that they have something by which to remember their trip.  The first place to stop, interestingly enough, is the Wroclaw Tourist Information Centre, where travelers an pick up gift shop souvenirs to send back to the family at home and at the same time can get valuable information to assist them with doing the rest of their shopping throughout the city.  More information about the information center is available online at .

After stopping at the tourist information centre, travelers may want to head over to Galeria Dominikanska which is a favorite shopping mall in the area.  They can pick up a snack and browse the stores. It's hard not to buy a lot at this first stop, because the prices all seem so good, but travelers should save some of their money as there are plenty of other places to shop in addition to this mall. Just walk around the city centre, there are lots of antiques shops all around as well as small private galleries (for example inside the Jatki).