Even for Polish moderate weather, Poznan seems to have a very stable weather conditions with, fortunately, not so many severe phenomena. A short month-by-month guide on Poznan weather can be found below. Please note - this is based on average conditions!

NB: all temperatures in Celsius degrees


Rather cold, highly possible snow, temperatures vary from -5 to even -20, so take warm clothes! In general in winter:

  • if the wind is from east - sunny, veeeeery cold (-25!);
  • if the wind blows from west - snowy, not so cold (-5).


Still cold, snow, be prepared for hard frost (see January).


Polish proverb: 'In March like in a pot' - you may find snow (but not on a ground anymore), lower temperatures (like -10) but also a little bit of warmer times (+5), some sun and rain. 


Another proverb (very loose translation): 'April mixes a bit of winter, a bit of summer'. So it is Much warmer, temperatures vary from 5 to 15, sometimes even more. Rain and sun. Take warm clothes but also T-shirt. 


Beautiful weather starts here. Warm, temperatures from 10 to 20. Sun. Long weekends and BBQ. But be prepared for a wave of cold air - typically in the middle of May a weather phenomena called 'cold gardeners' drops temperatures to 5, 8 degrees during the day and below 0 at nights. Anyway, one of the most beautiful months in Poznan.


Sunny, sometimes rain, starts to be hot: from 14 to 20 or even 25 degree, nice time to visit Poznan. Be prepared for first storms, however storms in Poznan itself are not very severe.


In general hot summer, 20-30 degrees, sun. But be also prepared for consecutive rainy days and 15 degree. So T-shirt and rain coat in your suitcase.


Still hot. Still sun. Still rains. However at the end of the month nights may be relatively cold (10-12 degrees). 


Autumn approaches so temperatures drop to 15-20 degree, still sunny, still not too much rain. First days of September used to be very nice.


Autumn. Also called 'Polish gold Autumn' - quite often beautiful weather, warm, up to 20 degrees, trees change colors from green to multicolor patterns sharing yellow, green, red, and brown.


The worst time to visit Poznan, hard Autumn with first snow or even mix of snow and rain, high winds, low temperatures often below 0. If you plan to arrive here, take warm, rain- and windproof clothes and shoes. And plan your next visit in June!


Temperature drops below 0 up to -10. Sometimes snowy but snow will not lasts too long (unfortunately). Windy. Anyway, before Christmas season decorations change the city so think about Xmas in Poznan.