Buk is a very small town with few inhabitants, there are more farm lands than houses. Since this a place famous for its hot spring, the main purpose of coming to this town is for the hot springs. There are a few hot spring resorts here that offer good SPA . You can ride bikes here, but they don't have any bike tracks, so you can see people riding bike on the main road which is quite dangerous. Buk is a place for the older generation who want to have peace and tranquility. This is difinitely not a place for young people who love the excitements of a city. From Buk to Balaton Lake is 2 hours ride, to city of Györ is one and half hour drive through country roads some of them are quite run down. At SAS Radisson Hotel in Buk, they have an 18 hole golf course where one can play golf, but you have to bring your own golf clubs because you can't rent anywhere. There is a shop at the hotel where you can buy your "golf" equipments and apparels.