Autobusová stanica Mlynské Nivy

Bratislava bus station

(usually abbreviated as AS Mlynské Nivy, Bratislava AS or Bratislava AS Mlynské Nivy)

is the main bus station in Bratislava. The station is located in the eastern part of broader city center, offering a variety of regional, national and international destinations. Timetables of bus connections can be found at  web page (switch to English language is in the lower right corner), or at websites of individual bus companies (which usually offer also online reservation/booking):

Users of smartphone can also use applications Train & Bus ~ Europe , CG TransitCP – Cestovne Poriadky

Facilities: There is a luggage storage service at the bus station (far right side of the main hall), open from 7am (Sat, Sun from 8am) till 6pm (lunch break 12:00-12:30). There are no luggage lockers at the station.


Public transport connections from the bus station: To use public transport (DPB) in Bratislava, you have to buy your ticket prior to boarding (you can't buy it on the bus) from a machine or in the news booth. Ticket machines accept only coins. You need a 60 minute ticket which costs 90 cents (you have to validate this ticket in the ticket marker immediately after boarding, with this ticket you can change means of transport within the time limit - 60 min, which during weekend extends to 90 minutes - you do not need to validate ticket again when transferring). For more information and journey planner, check page (users of smartphone can also use free application iTransit BA).

 Connections to:


  • City center (northern entry) (~10 minutes): Trolleybus 206 (stop located in the front of the station building) or 208 (stop located on the main street) to Hodzovo nam.
  • City center (Obchodna Street, transfer to trams) (~10 minutes)Trolleybus 206 (stop located in the front of the station building) or 208 (stop located on the main street) to Kollarovo nam.
  • City center (southern entry) (~10 minutes): Bus 70 (stop located on the main street) to Most SNP
  • Main railway station (~10 minutes): Trolleybus 210 (stop located in the front of the station building) to the last stop
  • Bratislava airport (~45 minutes)Trolleybus 210 to the main railway station, there take bus 61 to the airport.




Buses from/to Vienna and Vienna Airport:  

Bus to Bratislava can be boarded at Südtirolerplatz (close to Wien Hauptbahnhof station) or at Wien-Erdberg bus terminal (accessible by U3 subway line). Travel time: slightly over 1 hour from Erdberg (1h 30min from Südtirolerplatz, 45-60 min from Vienna airport).

There are two services, each operating in 1-hour to 2-hour intervals. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or in the booth located in the Arrivals hall or online. Buses are equipped with air conditioning and free wi-fi (access to the internet is available only on the territory of Austria, password is displayed in the bus):



 tickets online:  or buy the ticket from the driver on boarding 

  • route: Vienna Erdberg (subway U3) - Vienna Airport - Bratislava Einsteinova - Bratislava center (under the bridge Most SNP aka New Bridge) - Bratislava Airport 
  • this service is quicker (fewer stops, uses highway)
  • for travelers ending their trip in Bratislava (or on a day trip to Bratislava), Blaguss bus is the best choice - it is the quickest connection with convenient stop directly in the center of Bratislava (Most SNP - "New Bridge").
  • Please note that Blaguss buses do not stop at the Bratislava Mlynske Nivy bus station, therefore if Bratislava is not your final destination, use Slovak Lines service instead.
  • Travel time from Vienna airport: 45 min to Bratislava city - stop New Bridge (Most SNP), 1 hour to Bratislava airport.
  • Travel time from Vienna Erdberg: 1 hour 05 min to Bratislava city - stop New Bridge (Most SNP), 1 hour 20 min to Bratislava airport.

Slovak Lines/Postbustimetable

 tickets online: or buy the ticket from the driver on boarding 

  • route: Vienna Südtiroler Platz (close to Wien Hauptbahnhof railway station, subway U1) - Vienna Airport - Hainburg, Wolfsthal - Bratislava Einsteinova - Bratislava AS Mlynske Nivy (bus station) - Bratislava Airport (selected connections). 
  • Please note that some Slovak Lines connections from Vienna terminate at Bratislava AS bus station (Mlynske Nivy) and do not continue to the Bratislava airport - check the timetable for the connection you need, or use Blaguss bus instead.
  • Travel time from Vienna airport: 1 hour to Bratislava bus station, 1 hour 15 min to Bratislava airport.
  • Travel time from Vienna Südtiroler Platz: 1 hour 30 min to Bratislava bus station, 1 hour 45 min to Bratislava airport.


Taxi services from Bratislava AS Mlynské NivyNote that taxis waiting at the lot are rather expensive (15 euro or more). Taxis called by phone could be cheaper (they usually use short numbers +421-2-16xxx (or 02-16xxx) - e.g. +421-2-16302, +421-2-16777, +421-2-16222, +421-2-16300, +421-2-16321 etc.). Alternatively, smartphone app Hopintaxi (iPhone, Android) can be used to call a taxi.


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