Evidence of civilization living in what is now Bratislava dates back to 5,000 years before Christ as we have evidence of Neolithic settlements living here. We then have evidence of Celtic groups followed by Romans living in the area until the Slavs arrived in the 5th century A.D. The first time the city was documented was in 907 and it is understood that the name derives from the Slav Duke "Braslav".

A castle was constructed and was the fortress used against the Hungarian kingdom. But the Slavs couldn't protect themselves against the King Henrich of Germany when he took over the city and it's castle in 1052.  But just a couple of centuries later in 1291, the city was granted its independence back in thanks to King Andrew the third. Soon after the city's coat of arms was produced.

The first university went up in 1465 proving the high status of the city despite the sometimes shaky grounds on which it stood when it came to political and religious power. The university marked more prosperous times to come; from 1526-1784 it was the capital of Hungary before the border changes.

After ignoring the Bratislava Peace Treaty of 1805, Napoleon bombed Bratislava causing significant damage.

Bratislava has been the capital of Slovakia since 1919.