The Old Town

Probably does not need much introduction - the medieval spires, old merchant houses and the overall fairy-tale feel to this well-preserved site are obvious. This is the part of town which in daytime is crowded with tourists and locals strolling around, shopping or eating out, and in the evenings it turns into a thriving party scene with its various bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. This is also the main attraction in Tallinn, which people all over the world come to see.

The City Centre

The high-rise buildings, modern office blocks with glass facades, department stores and shopping malls - the main part of the city centre can feel sterile, although still cozy and beautiful. Although pretty safe in general, still be smart and use common sense to get along nicely.


One of the most loved residential areas of the town, the streets of Kadriorg are filled with cute small wooden houses and functionalist apartment buildings. Quiet and cozy, it is also the home for the President of Estonia (the president's residence is situated there), the baroque Kadriorg Palace built by Russian tsar Peter I and Estonian art museum Kumu. The park belonging to the Kadriorg Palace is one of the nicest areas in town for taking a quiet walk.


The seaside area east of the centre is most well-known for its beautiful sandy beach and the Olympics Regatta Centre, where the sailing events for the 1980 Moscow Olympics were held. It is also considered to be the wealthier part of town, as there are mainly nice private houses under the pine trees.


One of the three parts of town which are best and only characterized by soviet-era apartment blocks, which look exactly the same. If in need to see something different, which unfortunately very well depicts Estonian quite recent history, take a drive through there either on a bus or by car. No need to take a stroll around: although not exactly a bad and dangerous ghetto, it is not the safest place either.


Pretty much the same story, although it is a bit nicer with some green areas between the numerous apartment blocks.


Again, pretty much the same story. This area is also more similar to Mustamäe with more green areas and an overall better reputation.


A romantic, but not so well maintained neighbourhood very close to the centre. It is characterised by small cosy wooden buildings, some of which are very nicely renovated, whereas some are in a very bad shape. Might not be very safe in the evenings and at night.