How to get from Riga Airport to the centre (Old Town) and reverse. 

There are 3 types of transport to and from the airport.


1) Taxi

You will find the taxis just outside the arrival terminal.

There are 2 types of taxi there: Red Cab and AirBaltic taxi.

(It can be recommend only to use these 2 in Riga as they are fair)

The taxi trip will normal takes 15-20 min., price is LVL 8-10 (EUR 15,00)

no matter how many (4) in the taxi.

It is very rare that taxis in Riga accept credit cards.

Vouchers for the AirBaltic taxi can be bought at AirBaltic homepage.

Normal there is no waiting time for a taxi.


2) Bus No. 22

Bus number 22 (Riga) takes you to the Old Town or to Airport (Lidosta).

The bus stop is also just outside the arrival terminal, but you

need to cross the small parking space. It is the only bus leaving

from airport.

There are 2 stops at the Old Town depending on which part you

need to arrive in.

The first stop is just around the corner, when you have passed the

bridge across the river Daugava. This stop leads you to the “beginning”

of the Old Town with Latvia occupation museum, Kalku iela and Dome Square.

The next stop is by Stockmann/Forum cinema and are close

to the Bus station, Train station, Riga National Opera.

The bus trip takes normal 30 min. and cost LVL 0,70 (EUR 1,00) in 2012.

Departure every 15 min. +/- depending of time at day.      


3) AirBaltic shuttle

Departure same place as the taxis just outside airport.

It takes you closer than the Bus to many hotels and are cheaper than

a taxi. Maybe your hotel is close to one of the stops.

Or you can stop at Hotel Riga and you will be in the Old Town.

The Express stops at: Hotel ABC, Islande Hotel, Maritim Park Hotel,

Hotel Riga (Old Town), Opera Hotel, Tallink Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel,

Albert Hotel, PK Riga Hotel, Monica Centrum Hotel, Central Bus Station.

Price LVL 3 (EUR 5) – you can buy vouchers for the trip at AirBaltic homepage

or onboard at AirBaltic flights.

Departure every 30 min.


Be aware that there can be traffic jam to and from Riga in the morning

and afternoon rush hour.

There is also a local mini-bus route (241), the possibility of renting a car and some

hotels who offer bus/car shuttle.


Make sure you have copies of you reservation for the bus shuttleof Air Baltic: you will have to give them to the bus driver.