In a forest just to east of the city limits of Riga, exists the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum.  Take the A2 (E77) road ot of town and if you get to the crossroads of the E67 and A4 then you have gone too far, but dont worry, turn south on the A4 and after a little while turn west to double back towards Riga and on that road you should find LATVIJAS ETNOGRĀFISKAIS BRĪVDABAS MUZEJS.

Laid out amongst the trees are about 100 wooden buildings that have been disassembled and then rebuilt here as examples of the heritage of Latvia.  There are fiveregions to Latvia (Latgale, Zemgale, Kurzeme, the Liv land and Selija) and each had its own traditions and buildings styles, these are all represented here.

Over the last 80 years, real structures have been found across Latvia and removed to the museum.  Many of these buildings are about 200 years old and were still in use until about 50 years ago before being taken apart and moved to this Museum.

It is very pleasant to amble about through the trees and discover the many wooden structures full of character, tradition and history.

The farmstead of Kurzeme at the museum Winter at the Open_Air Museum in Riga

There are dwelling houses, farm buildings, windmills, barns, and churches.  The museum is open until dusk so be sure to get there during opening hours if you get to get inside.  Demonstrations of Latvian crafts and of milling etc are given to visitors during the main opening periods.

Some catering is provided on site and refreshments including beer can be enjoyed in a bar located within a large roadside pub building.

Since over 40 yers The Latvian Traditional Craft Market takes place at the museum once a year on the first weekend in June.